Introducing the Latest Release of hila Enterprise

January 19, 2024

A platform for building domain-specific GenAI enterprise applications

While 2023 was all about AI hype, 2024 is ushering in amore grounded focus on moving beyond the hype, to unlock real value for enterprises. Value that can be clearly seen by users, the business, and customers. That's why we are excited to announce the latest release of hila Enterprise, a significant breakthrough in bringing generative AI applications to enterprises for real, tangible, domain-specific use cases.

What's hila Enterprise? hila Enterprise is a platform for safely and reliably building and running generative AI applications on (any) structured and unstructured data that matters to an enterprise. Drop in one of our pre-built GenAI enterprise applications, e.g. Conversational Finance for a fast start to AI, or use our platform's application development components to build your own genAI enterprise application for a custom use case. We work with strategic partners, such as KPMG and Cognizant to bring it all to life.

What makes it safe and reliable? The underlying components of hila Enterprise minimize (and in most cases, eliminate) hallucinations so that model outputs are reliable; provide the safety barriers to prevent your data from becoming public training data; and enable a user to query against structured and unstructured data - to get a full picture and the specific breakthrough insight in return, using natural language. We also bring monitoring capabilities to keep an eye on LLMs over time, to ensure their rock-solid reliable performance, and as far as we know, there isn't anyone else out there that can handle the scale of monitoring for things like drift, bias, and explainability that we can.

What was that about "any?" We've taken the philosophy of anti-vendor-lock-in to the next level. We built hila Enterprise to be completely agnostic - data-agnostic, model-agnostic, technology-agnostic, cloud-agnostic, and so on - which we think is reflective of the wide and diverse landscapes of enterprises today. Use the public LLMs you like, use your own custom LLMs, and/or use our LLMs. Tap into structured data and unstructured data. It doesn't matter who your cloud provider is. Unlocking the value of AI means asking a question and getting an answer that was generated from AI looking into any and every system of importance to the question, no matter who built the systems. This flexibility allows for accuracy and performance at lower operational cost, as choice always enables cost management. Co-pilots built by cloud providers just can't match that flexibility, and this is where we really shine when it comes to the real and tangible part of value - flexibility and cost-performance without compromising accuracy and safety.

Finally, or perhaps first and foremost, we built hila Enterprise to be a breakthrough user experience. User experience in the enterprise context is about usefulness that is also a little magical, an improvement on one's own productivity as well as the organization's productivity through a better (easier/cheaper/faster/more creative) way of working.


In our view, that means, if AI is going to empower the business user in some radically new way, and as an extension of the user, empower the organization, the LoB, etc., in some radically new way(s), then it must actually be at the fingertips of the user and the organization.


We don't need to ask the visualization-tools expert to build a chart (and then wait for it to come back ... then it's not quite right ...); we don't need to ask an IT expert to go extract data from somewhere (and then wait for it come back ... then it's not exactly right... ). We don't need to ask a question of interest, then wait, then realize there's a better or different question to ask, and then wait again.


hila Enterprise enables you to ask your question directly to your systems and data, in the language you work in everyday, get the answer in the form desired, for the purpose. And if the answer didn't quite answer, or it made you think of a different or better question, then ask again, ask something else. Domain-specific. No waiting. No intermediaries. No specialized skills. Natural language. That's useful, and a little magical.

If you would like to explore what hila Enterprise can do, we have an easy way for people to check it out. Go to and sign up to experience genAI for enterprises.


If you are interested in learning more about the full capabilities of hila Enterprise, and how we can help you bring real, tangible, domain-specific use of genAI to your enterprise, email us at