Conversational Finance
We generate charts on the fly from the CFO office’s systems of record.
How it works
Our solution combines the capabilities of public Large Language Models with private and secure models that are fine-tuned on domain-specific knowledge.

It is then combined with a series of proprietary techniques to deliver the correct answer in a simple chart.

With our conversational finance solution, we bring enterprise language solutions together with domain expertise and domain-specific systems with hila Enterprise.
How it makes your job easier
The systems works conversationally, and you can ask unlimited questions. If the system can’t answer the question with a high level of confidence, it will tell you by declining to answer. We think transparency is the key to unlocking the value of AI for finance organizations.

Conversational Finance in action

Key Features
3 months to 30 seconds
The time it takes to get an answer in a chart form from a system of record.
Reduce 42,000+
The number of Tableau dashboards that hila Enterprise is helping to reduce at a large enterprise.
Deploy in 60-90 days
The timeline to get a working deployment into your enterprise.