Introducing Conversational Finance for real-time business intelligence on systems of record

October 27, 2023

What once seemed to be black swan events - a 100-year flood, wildfires, a pandemic , a cyberattack- now feel like they arrive regularly. And then there are the "regular" events - a supplier might miss a deadline; a customer can't pay on time; a project will be pushed back or stopped. Or maybe there's a new opportunity to invest, to snap up a rival or new technology, or to expand into a new territory. All of these events, planned or unplanned, create a large impact on the CFO's office, and often come acutely and urgently.  

How a CFO responds in these situations often defines not just their place inside of the company but also the company's performance in the market. And these situations often call on rapid decisions. Yet, so often the actionable intelligence needed for the best decision is locked away in systems of record with a few operators who can make it meaningful.

We have built Conversational Finance on hila Enterprise to enable the CFO's office rapid access to systems of record to prevent hallucination, fine-tuned LLMs and KPMG services expertise to generate charts and graphs on the fly from in-house ERP systems. And it sits behind the enterprise's firewall, ensuring a private and trustworthy interaction.

Using a natural language query, a CFO or member of their office can create charts on demand, in real time, which show their largest customers, understand the sales and marketing budgets, see product growth, quickly identify changes in orders, and more.

Vianai's Conversational Finance solution allows for the CFO to work with the company's data and more rapidly analyze the black-swan events that may appear, as well as the daily work that comes up. The CFO can provide strategic guidance for the enterprise, and Conversational Finance enables the entire CFO office to become more strategic partners for the rest of the organization. And, we designed it for business users to retrieve answers without waiitng on a technical business partner.

Today, the CFO's office may often confront the events that seek to take over a company's strategic initiative, but with Conversational Finance, the CFO and associated office can rapidly understand and analyze both the unexpected and mundane, spending time focused on providing guidance to their enterprise.

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Vianai Systems and KPMG

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