Boomi FinTalk

Powered by Vianai

About FinTalk

Boomi FinTalk is a conversational AI application for finance users to ask natural language questions to any financial data connected to Boomi, including structured and unstructured data, across ERP systems, databases, data lakes, documents and more.

FinTalk powered by Vianai delivers real-time, accurate and actionable insights for expense management, variance analysis, revenue strategies and more.

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FinTalk Benefits

As your data when you need answers, and get them back in seconds for ad hoc, real-time analysis.

Finance stakeholders can ask any question of the data, from expense management to revenue insights.

FinTalk delivers insights and answers in seconds, not days or weeks.

These dynamic analytics reduce the burden on specialists, and the cost of data and visualization tools to build single-use dashboards and reports.

Boomi FinTalk comes with an anti-hallucination and reliability layer on top of GenAI to ensure answers are reliable and accurate.

Boomi FinTalk has access controls for different roles and users to ensure secure and approved data access.

Key Features

Out of box connectors through Boomi to your financial data sources.

Central data hub with secured access controls.

Conversational interface for natural language queries.

Finance-specific, with enterprise context.  

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