Transform how you access your data.

Boomi + Vianai

Boomi FinTalk brings the power of Conversational Finance to Boomi customers. It connects to:

Find out about the strategic OEM partnership between Vianai and Boomi.
FinTalk enables any finance user to ask any financial question against any financial data source connected to Boomi.
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Answers, not reports

Change the
way you work


Eliminate time-consuming processes for generating reports and visualizing data.

Cross-domain, cross-document

Navigate multiple systems and data types to find the key insight, fast.


Receive reliable data through cutting-edge anti-hallucination techniques.


Anyone can get answers directly by asking a natural question.

Change the way you work

Answers come back within seconds, and any number of questions can be asked.

Conversational Finance in action

Conversational Finance v. GPT4 Wrapper App

We loaded a GPT4 Wrapper App with a data schema and connected it to a database.

We then ran the same questions against it and Conversational Finance.

It's clear that the components we add enable Conversational Finance's success, and generative AI within an enterprise requires far more than just the model.

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Meet hila

The platform powering Conversational Finance


In addition to RAG techniques, our system uses a consortium of models to review an answer for errors and improve its correctness. Our text2sql pipeline also uses multiple LLMs to eliminate hallucinations on structured data.

Benchmark testing revealed

Achieved 99% reliability

Custom and Local LLMs

We utilize fine-tuned and local LLMs for anti-hallucination, text to SQL, language translation and vectorized embedding. This helps us improve accuracy, speed and efficiency, maintain privacy and work within your landscape.

Up to

96.42% improved accuracy

Advanced Extraction

Our agentic solution enables the advanced extraction of tables, charts and metadata from hundreds of thousands of documents, with superior accuracy and lower cost.

Lowered cost by


High-Scale Monitoring

We analyze more than 200 billion inferences with sub-second responses on LLMs and other models. There are no large clusters required, and we sped up the policies to run on 1 billion records per day.

Up to

10,000x improvement

Our Perspective


About Us

Our company is made up of experienced technologists, mathematicians, data scientists, designers and makers, and includes an advisory board of industry leaders, entrepreneurs and luminaries from business, technology and academia.