The Need for a Unified but Modular Approach to MLOps

Companies have accelerated their adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to make better decisions, create innovative solutions, and drive business value. But current research shows that most are struggling to move ML models from design to production. 

  • Only 47% of all AI and ML models make it into production, and they take an average of nine months to get there – Gartner
  • More specifically, 34% of ML projects fail to reach production – 451 Research
  • And just 31% of organizations have functioning models in production, and only one-third of those have reached a mature state of adoption and are delivering enterprise-wide value – IDC

The root cause – models are fundamentally different from traditional software, and yet most organizations do not have tools and processes in place that account for these differences. They lack a streamlined process to design, deploy, manage and maintain models.

Learn how the Vian H+AI MLOps platform drives collaboration across disparate teams, helps to mitigate financial, reputational and regulatory risk, and enables teams to deploy models at scale to more quickly deliver business value.

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