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Since its inception, Vianai’s mission has been to bring human-centered AI (H+AI™) to enterprises worldwide. H+AI is the approach that underpins all the work we do at Vianai, the products we build, and how we work with customers. We are passionate about working with our customers to bring the full potential of AI to life in their enterprises – AI that is transformative, and yet responsible and reliable.
hila™ Enterprise
hila Enterprise enables you to speak with your enterprise application data. We bring together advanced AI techniques, fine-tuned LLMs and our patented zero-hallucination technology for working Generative AI in your landscape in 90 days.
Discover hila Enterprise
Communities and
Open-Source Projects
We are active in communities and projects where we believe there is a common need for tools that empower developers and data scientists in their work to build reliable, responsible AI solutions.
Most recently, we announced veryLLM, a powerful toolkit for developers, data scientists and LLM providers to verify accuracy of LLM-generated responses.
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Design-led AI Solutions
For a highly select set of strategic customers, Vianai develops custom solutions beginning with problem finding and problem definition, to user research and understanding, to solution design and development.

These referral-only consulting services engagements are designed to solve the most critical business problems for our customers, and/or help our customers go after the most strategic untapped business opportunities. The core focus of these select customers is a design-led approach that delivers business outcomes quickly.