Dr. Vishal Sikka Gives Detailed Talk on How Enterprises Can Drive AI Success

December 6, 2022

In his keynote at Oracle CloudWorld 2022, Dr. Sikka detailed a vision for AI success - a human-centered approach, in which AI is an amplifier of the people leveraging AI, and is not a replacement.


He detailed three critical gaps that need to be addressed in order for us to get to this vision of human-centered AI, including:

  • Building trust, transparency, and accountability in machine learning models.
  • Enabling wider accessibility of AI, which primarily requires lowering the cost of running these models.
  • Delivering AI directly into the hands of non-technical users, enabling them to use AI for real business transformation.

And described how Vianai is addressing all three areas through:

AI can be truly transformational in an enterprise if we understand its limitations, as well as its potential, and we are working with leading companies worldwide to bring human-centered AI to life in their organizations - to drive tangible business outcomes.

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