VIANAI 2022 Roundup

January 5, 2023

2022 was an important year for Vianai. We continued to pursue our mission of a human-centered approach to AI through a variety of initiatives including:

These areas helped achieve key advancements in building trust and transparency around AI systems in the enterprise; bringing down the cost of AI to ensure that AI is high performing and yet maximizes existing infrastructure; and putting AI directly into the hands of non-technical end-users.

What is Human-Centered AI? Human-Centered AI is an approach to building AI systems in enterprises that aim to amplify the work of users, decision-makers, and executives - not replace them. There are many things AI does well, such as processing vast amounts of data and looking for patterns or anomalies across many transactions or touch points.

On the other hand, humans are strong on context, empathy, creativity, common sense and judgment, and real-world experiences. A Human-Centered approach to AI recognizes the potential, as well as the limitations of AI, and brings the best of AI together with uniquely human strengths, to drive positive outcomes.

In enterprises, this means AI can significantly enhance human decision-making and judgment - but doesn't replace it. As impressive and powerful as AI is today, it is nowhere near actual human judgment. When humans are involved in building, implementing, and monitoring AI and ML models, models will be more precise, trustworthy, and explainable. This is the path to AI adoption and value.

Check out more detail on what Human-Centered AI means for enterprises here:


Once an AI system or ML model is in place, the journey doesn't end there. When the systems are live, there is a need for ML monitoring and continuous operations to understand, monitor, and correct (if needed) their behavior.

As more and more AI systems are deployed, the risk of AI doing the wrong thing increases. It's impossible for any human to monitor a system at scale on their own, so here is where AI can really amplify that work - monitoring parameters that are set by teams to regulate and monitor the models.

Vian Monitoring & Continuous Operations monitors ML models, detects issues at scale, and then automatically retrains models when and if needed. Vianai builds intelligence into the system to ensure it is fair and trustworthy. When monitoring, we check to ensure the model hasn't started to drift in the wrong direction or build upon data biases such as race, gender, socioeconomic status, and other factors. Without a human alternative or the ability to rapidly troubleshoot an issue found in these AI models, the technology can become a liability.

Vianai implements its products to aid our customers and make their systems fair and accurate. Read more about how we can optimize your AI systems at scale in the blog posts below.


While we get busy in the day-to-day work with our customers, we also aim to celebrate the people leading human-centered AI. What better way to do so than through an employee spotlight series? Since August, we have introduced the world to TuTu, Matt, and Sanchika - and you will meet plenty more employees in 2023!

We are excited to introduce you to employees like Tutu, a UX + UI Designer who designed the very website you are currently using; Matt, a Software Engineer at Vianai who works on our H+AI Platform your company may be looking to implement (or using already!), and Sanchika, a Data Scientist at Vianai. In their spotlights, they not only touch on their jobs but also talk a bit about themselves. So follow along on our employee spotlight series and meet the people at Vianai who are passionate about bringing AI to enterprises, in a very human way.

As we look ahead to 2023, there's arguably never been a more exciting time to be in AI. Do you want to join the Vianai family? We're hiring! Click here to learn more about how you can begin your career at Vianai.

We were thrilled to see events return to in-person. Vianai has been busy attending, sponsoring, and speaking at conferences to meet the researchers, technologists, practitioners, business users and decision-makers that make up the AI community.

We have participated in the past few months at Gartner's Data and Analytics Conference, Oracle CloudWorld 2022, AI Summit London, the Ai4 Conference, AI in Health Conference, the Toronto Machine Learning Summit, and more.

Check out our observations and learnings as we connected with the AI community throughout the year on how to bring responsible AI to life in enterprises. We are looking forward to participating in more events in 2023.