The Scale of Change in AI

September 6, 2023

In a groundbreaking speech on the Scale of Change in AI, Dr. Vishal Sikka, shares the key imperatives for ensuring safety, reliability and trust of AI systems as we navigate the uncertainties and risks, and the potential benefits, of rapid recent advancements in AI technologies.

The most urgent priority: Regulation.
The most important priority: Education & Access.

Governments must devise ways to regulate AI, to ensure their safe and responsible development as well as their safe and reliable use, similar to how we regulate other industries. AI is a powerful technology that can benefit our everyday lives, but it comes with its own set of limitations and potentially harmful consequences. It is critical that we put the necessary guardrails around AI, to ensure that it is bringing benefits, not new and significant risks, to our economies, societies and governments.

While regulation is the most urgent priority, Dr. Sikka describes education and access as the most important priority in AI.

Education & Access

Very few people understand the technology behind these AI systems, including why certain models behave the way they do, and what information they rely on to deliver insights or recommend decisions. The key to solving this issue is to expand technology education. Making AI understandable is critical for building trust and adoption, and to demystifying it. Understanding the technology enables us to put into perspective the potential benefits as well as the limitations and risks, to make sound decisions about how to safely and reliably develop, deploy and use AI.

You can watch Dr. Vishal Sikka's full speech at the Future of Britain conference here.

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