In Conversation with our Team: Debasmita (Mita)

March 7, 2024

In conversation with Debasmita (Mita)

Head of Product Management at Vianai

Your role:

I head the hila Enterprise product management team at Vianai. My focus is to acquire a deep understanding of the market, the customers, the competition, and the product. I work very closely with business executives and cross-functional teams to ensure that product development aligns with business strategy and meets customer needs. My aim is to create value and impact through technology.

I focus on understanding customer pain points, use cases and journey, and then translate them into product requirements that meet their needs, deliver business value, and delight the customer. The joy is in hearing from our customers about how our products help them to drive efficiency and mitigate pain points in a reliable, and responsible way.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I enjoy music and dancing. For the last 17 years, I have been very active in promoting Bengali culture among the next generation through music and dance. Fostering Bengali culture among diaspora through cultural programs to build, sustain and grow the Bengali community with greater linkages with Asian American organizations has been a key component of my activities beyond work. I have also been very involved in running the Homeless Service of VCGA with young adults and often partnering with local organizations like Front Steps for greater outreach and impact. We have monthly service events, like sandwich or canned food or blanket drives, all led by student volunteers, to help the homeless community.

What are you working on these days?

I am currently working on building out the hila Enterprise platform to develop and deploy Gen AI applications for enterprises. I am also very excited to be working on our purpose-built application, Conversational Finance powered by hila Enterprise, helping in financial planning and analysis for the CFO organization.

What is the most exciting part about the work you are doing, and how does it relate to Human-Centered AI?

What I most enjoy is working at the intersection of human capabilities and AI technology. I love working on AI offerings that empower people, adopt a people- focused approach, and augments human abilities.

What do you think customers appreciate most about working with us?

Customers appreciate our ability to connect with their pain points, use cases and work with a very pragmatic and product-focused approach to address their requirements. Also, we can delight our customers with a user- centric approach and design that is intuitive, elegant, and simple. Our enterprise grade offerings built in a responsible way connects with  our enterprise customers.