Human-Centered AI: A discussion with Vianai's CEO

August 4, 2022

Our latest video featuring our Founder and CEO, Dr. Vishal Sikka.


In our latest video, Founder and CEO, Dr. Vishal Sikka, and the team at Vianai discuss the need for a more human centered approach to AI in order to drive trust, transparency and accountability around AI systems.

While AI has made some notable recent advancements, the significant potential of bringing the power of human understanding, judgement, and collaboration together with data and the best AI techniques, to drive transformative business outcomes faster with AI, remains untapped.

Vianai is working to change that, with its platform and products to help enterprises bring human-centered AI to life in their organizations. AI that is responsible, explainable and observable. Vianai customers include many of the world's largest and most respected companies across a variety of industries including manufacturing, financial services, retail, and aerospace and defense, among many others.