Part Two of Episode One, AI Hype vs. Reality, the Next in Our Video Series About Human-Centered AI with Dr. Vishal Sikka

April 4, 2023

A Tale of Two Cities: Where We Are Now and What Lies Ahead

We are witnessing some important achievements in AI from AlphaFold's protein folding project to very powerful and useful NLP applications. And there is no shortage of hype around AI for consumer usage.

However, at the same time, we face what may very well be the most important decisions to be made about AI, in its decades-long history. Decisions that impact not only the consumer usage of AI, but also the enterprise activation and acceleration of AI.

AI very clearly has a long way to go to address biases, reliability, and explainability. In an enterprise, AI systems tasked with running such sensitive things as fraud detection and hiring must be trained on the right data and monitored to avoid drift - drift that becomes detrimental to the business.

Much like A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens, we are living in the best of times and the worst of times for AI, and we must be mindful of how we move forward.

Watch Dr. Vishal Sikka, the CEO, and founder of Vianai talk about AI system safety, cost, and talent in Part Two of our video series about human-centered AI, AI Hype vs. Reality.

Our series A Conversation About Human-Centered AI will tackle a variety of topics we see as imperative to move AI responsibly forward in our society.

  • AI democratization is vital as we attempt to increase the general use of AI and empower those who understand it
  • Talent is an issue and we must focus on organization-wide education programs for more employees than just the people who work with the systems every day
  • AI must be human-centered and human-led in order to have the right, ethical impact
  • The cost of running AI must be reduced in order for AI to be accessible to all, bringing us back to AI democratization
  • Sustainable development is also important to keep in mind as we run AI systems at scale

Watch Part 1 of Hype vs. Reality here and tune in soon for our next episode: Human-Centered AI.

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