FinTalk: Vianai's GenAI for finance with Boomi’s data connections

May 8, 2024

Imagine an AI layer atop your data. Ask any question to your finance data, and get answers in real time. This is the promise of Boomi FinTalk powered by Vianai.

Any financial data source — systems of records, unstructured documents (such as contracts), financial applications, CMS systems, data lakes or otherwise, with a connection to Boomi can be queried. Once the data is pulled into the system, it enables a new method of analysis, using natural language questions.  

Boomi FinTalk will transform the way financial groups work. There’sno need to have specialization nor multiple months for data wrangling and dashboard creation. The data from multiple systems and file types can be accessed immediately, and it can begin working in your environment within days. 

What is it:

FinTalk enables professionals in financial planning and analysis to query in natural language and get answers in real time to questions about financial performance, cost, growth, budgeting and forecasting. Purpose-built for finance professionals, FinTalk builds on Vianai’s generative AI offerings and is powered by its key technologies.

Vianai’s patented technologies have emerged from engagements with some of the largest Fortune 500 companies in the world. This includes the ability to directly query a database through txt2sql, ensure the response’s reliability and accuracy, visualize the data and maintain strict data security.   They include txt2sql, anti-hallucination, and structured and unstructured querying. All of these amount to making Generative AI useful and reliable for companies.

What does this mean:

Boomi FinTalk powered by Vianai is a step to a practical and reliable AI layer inside of a company. It enables any data to be queried with natural-language questions.

Today, data is often aggregated into a data lake, often at a significant management cost, and often without a clear intent for how to use the data. The idea is similar to the old adage, paraphrased: it’s better to have the data and not need it, then need the data and not have it.

This is an important step for making sense of the data. And Boomi’s connectors work with a variety of vendors. It also, though, connects this data to the original sources, including what might not be in the lake. This is data you need when you need it. This is the promise of just-in-time data. Like just-in-time manufacturing, which reduced warehousing (and found significant savings as a result), just-in-time data brings the data that someone needs to the forefront at the moment when they need it. The data can be analyzed, processed, and then eliminated.

But to truly get to a holistic solution for non-technical business users, the data step is just the first in a series of processes to interpret, analyze and then visualize the information. Ultimately this process culminates with a dashboard. To build this today, it can require many months of work. And any follow-up questions can require weeks of work. With FinTalk, the process happens within seconds.

Key features of FinTalk:

Rapid start:

We can provide a running instance within weeks to Boomi customers.

Security in data:

We never send any financial data to a public model, and we use access controls to ensure that the right people see the answers.


Answers are reliable and accurate, based on multiple patented techniques for anti-hallucination.

Real time:

Answers come in real-time — no time needed for data processing or IT in the loop.

No specialist required:

Answers come from natural language questions, even against complex databases and systems that require SQL expertise.

Any data source:

Any system connected to Boomi can provide an answer, including structured and previously untouched unstructured data.