AI Hype vs. Reality | Part One in Our Video Series, A Conversation About Human-Centered AI with Dr. Vishal Sikka

March 1, 2023

Where is AI today, and what is real vs what is hype?


During the last 10 years, there have been many impressive advancements in AI, with the last six months bringing on a rapid acceleration in AI technologies.

On the other hand there are significant issues around AI that need to be addressed - issues of bias and fairness, reliability and responsibility of AI. How do we monitor these systems, govern them?


How do we ensure that they are trustworthy?

Underpinning these questions are specifics that we hope to tackle in this series, and in this first episode:


  • AI investments are in the hands of a few, and we need more democratization of AI both from a usage standpoint as well as an investment standpoint.
  • AI expertise is extremely limited worldwide. The people who understand these systems - how they work, why they are behaving as they are, how to monitor and govern them - is a very small group. AI education is critical.
  • AI needs to understand the real world, the human experience, in order to have impact.
  • AI is incredibly expensive to run, and we need to bring down the cost so that it is more accessible for all, and responsible not just from an accuracy standpoint but from an environmental-impact standpoint.

These are big issues that aren't easy to solve. We tried to take a thoughtful approach to appreciating the breakthroughs while examining the limitations so that we can all benefit from the ways AI can enhance humanity. The ways AI can be human-centered, in order to bring real value.

We announced our video series, "A Conversation about Human-Centered AI" last month and are excited to share Episode One, Part One: AI Hype vs. Reality.

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Our CEO Dr. Vishal Sikka sits down with Vianai's Shabana Khan to explore the rapid and impressive advancements of AI, as well as the limitations of AI technology.

There's never been a more important time to dive deep into the complexities of AI. In our video series, "A Conversation about Human-Centered AI," we explore important questions and challenges facing AI advancements, from ethical considerations and bias issues to government regulations and the education needed to ensure AI is responsible, trusted, and aligned with the advancement of humanity.

Tune in as we explore the exciting breakthroughs in AI that we have seen accelerating in recent months, as well as the sometimes-uncomfortable questions around the reality of AI today, and how it should be managed so that it is trustworthy, reliable, and human-centered.